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Recipe: Slot Grabber 1.0
Created by LociOiling 2 1
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Name: Slot Grabber 1.0
ID: 103801
Created on: Fri, 08/14/2020 - 22:26
Updated on: Sat, 08/15/2020 - 05:26

Lists the occupied quicksave slots. Optionally, loads one of the occupied slots. Another option creates a named save for each occupied slot. Thanks to BootsMcGraw!

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Load a quicksave slot, or make a named saved for each used slot

As discussed in chat with Boots McGraw, keyboard shortcuts only allow access to quicksave slots 1 to 8. Your on your own if your recipe stored things in slots 9 to 99.

Slot Grabber first checks to see which quicksave slots are occupied. This gets reported in the the scriptlog and in the dialog.

In the dialog, the "Quickload slot" field is initially blank. If you enter an occupied slot number, that slot will be loaded.

The "Save all occupied slots" checkbox converts each occupied slot to a named save when checked. The "Prefix for saves" textbox adds the text you enter to the save name, otherwise they're just called "slot 1", "slot 2", and so on.

Named saves are available in Open/Share Solutions, also known as the Manage Solutions dialog.

The "Occupied slots" textbox in the dialog is just a list of the occupied slots that you can copy and paste or scroll through. It's in "set" format, to if slot 8 is occupied, but 7 and 9 aren't, you'll see 8-8 listed. It might look like this:

1-3, 8-8, 11-14, 22-22

If all quicksave slots are occupied, an extra named save is created to allow restoring the current pose. Otherwise, the first available slot is used to save and restore the current pose. The current pose may have just been loaded from a slot.

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slightly redundant

The named saves feature was added in part to demonstrate what a recipe can do.

As jeff101 pointed out in chat, quicksaves are also available under Open/Share Solutions if you check "show auto and quick saves". The quicksaves shown are specific to the current track. They names like "Quicksaved Soloist Solution 1".

The "save occupied slots" feature in Slot Grabber adds the saves to the main list, where it will be visible across tracks. This way, you won't need to worry about another recipe using a slot and replacing whatever was in "Quicksaved Soloist Solution 1". You also have the prefix feature, allowing more meaningful names.

A quick test shows that even if you rename "Quicksaved Soloist Solution 1", it gets wiped out as soon as you save to that slot again. One solution to that is to share "Quicksaved Soloist Solution 1" ("Upload for Myself" would work). A shared solution is safe for later download.

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Thank you.

Thank you, Loci. You have made it much easier to work these "network" puzzles.

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thank you

I messed this up once and had only one solution to work with...

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