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Recipe: Rav3n_pl GABiS201Jon13kuaiKuaiDe.Lua
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Name: Rav3n_pl GABiS201Jon13kuaiKuaiDe.Lua
ID: 103799
Created on: Fri, 08/14/2020 - 09:37
Updated on: Fri, 08/14/2020 - 16:37

Full title: Rav3n_pl GAB BiSv2.0.1w30[NC]... from LociOiling and Susume's NewChapter [NC] edits. Lua files are easier to edit and read in Sublime Text Editor. To cancel recipe while the Options dialog box is still open, click the X. Update 13: forgot to add bestScore=Score() ss=Score() --start score

in fullReset() function, so I added those so as to not make GAB feel sad when it can't reach its peak quickly after resetting, showing negative score gain in the output, and causing it to ironically go back to the save slot where it had just reset the puzzle without actually using the reset_puzzle / puzzle.StartOver command. Much more useful than my version 12 now, though it takes a long time to test. Has it helped you get past a local minimum (rut)?

Update Aug. 14 6AM: fixed bug where puzzle and herd would always reset after a certain number of generations rather than stagnant generations because of a <= instead of a >= typo in the original code. A recipe that helped me debug this is LociOiling's Freeze Selected, where I froze both the backbone and sidechains, forcing GAB to think it could make no improvement on the puzzle. Before I fixed the bug, GAB would actually reset the herd every generation after it reached a certain number of generations as specified by herd.renew slider. But freezing the whole protein made it quick to test a hypothetical local minimum. Call it a Kobayashi Maru exam if you like. But then I realized this bug was already fixed in v2.1.1 and I was using an outdated version 2.0.1. Update 12: KuaiKuaiDe means fast. GAB is a fast recipe for the beginning of the puzzle. An endgame recipe to compliment it later is Banded Worm Pairs, once GAB gets stuck around 8000 points and slows down. To mitigate this, and to also work with multistart puzzles that require reset, I'm trying out a new feature where GAB resets the puzzle when it gets stuck in a rut. You can prevent reset by increasing Reset&Renew Herd. Updates 11-12: Now does not Quickload so often because it overwrites idealize and rebuild, and also has ui.CenterViewport() from LociOiling's recipe clean 1.0 . Also set Shake in moderation, selecting only 1 segment at a time to shake. Also reduced mutate to just 3 segments at a time. Update 10: has hardcoded multistart puzzle reset option (temporarily disabled but easy to reenable in code) and limited herd size so evolution does not slow down with overpopulation. 15->1 iter mutate. Now trying out Rebuild and Idealize additions from AILearnsToPlayFoldIt (before I modified that script). Making sure to only press Shift-Enter in the description so as not to crash Foldit with Enter (same for exporting)... Has more fair komidashi to account for Foldit puzzles' endgames being harder than its fuseki. Pit Pokemon against each other in the game of Foldit! They can see each others' solutions, but the first pokemon to make a move doesn't have to try hard to score points, so it's pretty fair, because solving one side of a Rubiks cube is easier than solving the last side of an almost complete cube. Now has less output whitespace. Show output for band coordinates. Description shortened because Foldit stopped importing. -Jon Genetic Algorithm on Bands. Bands! Bands in space! GAB BiS v2. Now with Susume's newchapter changes and restructured dialogs.

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