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Recipe: FreezeShakr 1.1.0
Created by donuts554 46 1390
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Name: FreezeShakr 1.1.0
ID: 103569
Created on: Thu, 06/11/2020 - 23:13
Updated on: Mon, 06/22/2020 - 04:44

This recipe freezes only the backbone on your protein, and makes two Bands to Space at the first segment that is unlocked, whose strength is changed to literally "shake" the protein forward and backward to gain points. This recipe is similar to Wiggle Sidechains, but you get more points than with Wiggle Sidechains. I would suggest you use this recipe with "Auto" Wiggle Power, and "1.00" Clashing Importance if possible. But this time in version 1.1.0, I fixed the bug which happens on locked segments and made the protein go back to its original position. I also made the protein centered in puzzles with no locked segments. Duly credit goes to Formula350, who inspired and helped me make this recipe, and Susume, who also helped me make this recipe. Of course the Foldit Wiki gets credit.

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Please say any questions/comments about this recipe if possible!

I will try to answer your questions and respond to your comments as soon as possible! I encourage any questions or comments to be asked as soon as possible, so I can utilize them in future versions of this recipe and of my future recipes. It will also help me be more experienced, as this is my first recipe.

Thank you for reading through this comment, I appreciate it!

From, donuts554 :D

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Since you asked...

Thank you for joining the many folderers who are unselfishly sharing their tips and tricks through recipes they create.

Some constructive criticism:

This recipe might be good to help a player find an appropriate alignment between the designed protein and the target protein. I was mildly entertained watching the carefully placed bands yank and pull and twist and turn my protein all over the screen, like a gang of bullies would do to a nerd on a school bus.

Please don't present a pop-up box asking me if I want to run the recipe. I wouldn't have invoked the recipe if I didn't. Also, don't ask me immediately after I set the one parameter for number of rounds if I set it correctly.

After four "shake" rounds out of the fifty I requested, the recipe dropped my score by almost five hundred points. Ten more rounds failed to improve my score beyond the five hundred point loss. To remedy this, set a "recent best" at the start of the recipe, and restore this recent best score, should a round fail to improve the player's score.

Cancelling the recipe prematurely crashed FoldIt. Should you discover and fix that bug, set the score to the recent best if a player cancels the recipe before it completes.

I ran the recipe a second time. It did not clear the bands I already had in place, and that may skew the action of the recipe. To remedy this, clear all bands at the start of the recipe. Cancelling the recipe prematurely this second time did not crash the game.

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You are welcome!

I will try to include as much of your advice into the next version of my recipe as soon as possible!

Thank you for the constructive criticism!

From, donuts554.

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