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Recipe: AILearnsToPlayFoldItNoIteration
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Name: AILearnsToPlayFoldItNoIteration
ID: 103352
Created on: Tue, 03/31/2020 - 23:24
Updated on: Wed, 04/01/2020 - 07:18

Show terminal output and comment your evolved algorithm action number strands (1 through 9, A, Base 11 digits). version 1.01 It is a script that use genetic algorithm to find actions in game that gain score and adjust them over time. Source code can be found here:

Adjustable parameters: **Population Size** - Number of species in population. In other words - number of top species that survive to the next generation; **Mutation Size** - Number of mutated algorithms that will be added and checked each generation; **Aliens Size** - Number of random algorithms that will be added and checked each generation; **Cross Size** - Number of crossed algorithms that will be added and checked each generation; **Number Of Algorithm Steps** - Number of actions (genes) that can perform each algorithm; **Iteration Score Threshold** - Score gain threshold for algorithm to be executed again during evaluation; **Reset World Generation Each** - Number of generations that will be tested based on the same starting position before new top position will be saved as start point; **Mutate Rate** - Probability of new gene during mutation;

Also you can check/uncheck pre-defined algorithms to start with. By default two common algorithms included.

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in options dialog, click

in options dialog, click More, than enter the algorithm strand 50040

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or 50000

or 50000

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00105 for covid19 binder

00105 for covid19 binder

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Did you do something

Did you do something different to the code?
In my experience with the original by Grommii, inputting a different algorithm didn't seem to actually USE what you've input. When I have the Output Window open and Show Script Commands enabled, the custom string I enter isn't printed in the output window...

I had to edit the code to add in my own custom one (which, due to my complete lack of knowing what I'm doing, is pretty much identical to the 2 it includes), that one then shows up in the output window, but only because it's now hard-coded into the recipe.

So are you sure that it's even using the "00105" you've entered? <_>

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38060 in ORF6 prediction

38060 in ORF6 prediction

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Newbie here! What ever it

Newbie here!

What ever it does, it works! Doing a great job increasing my score when processing "Revisiting Puzzle 110: Turkey".

Happy to use this when i want the PC to do all the thinking!

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