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Recipe: MicroIdealize 4.1.1
Created by LociOiling 4 1
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Name: MicroIdealize 4.1.1
ID: 103222
Created on: Mon, 01/06/2020 - 23:39
Updated on: Thu, 01/09/2020 - 07:41

MI 4.1 now idealizes multiple lengths, and has a wiggle factor, similar to EDRW/DRemixW. MI 4.1.1 fixes a bug.

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Multiple lengths and more...

Microidealize 4.1 can now process multiple lengths in one run.

The settings "min idealize length" and "max idealize length" let you adjust the lengths. The recipe always starts with min length. If min length is greater than max length, the recipe works its way down to max length, otherwise it works its way up.

There are also new settings for Wiggle Power and Wiggle Factor. Wiggle Power shows the current wiggle power setting and lets you adjust it. Wiggle Factor is similar to what's found in EDRW/DRemixW, and multiplies the number of wiggles. Wiggle Factor's initial setting is based on the current wiggle power.

As before, "min residue" and "max residue" allow you to idealize only part of the protein.

The "worst first" setting is from Microidealize 4.0 test, and idealizes the least ideal sections first if checked. Otherwise, sections are idealized in random order.

The "disable filters" setting replaces the "score type" setting in previous versions of the recipe. If the puzzle has filters, this option is checked by default, and filters are only enabled when the recipe checks the score.

The "verbose output" option, if checked, produces output detailing all calls in the central part of the idealize process.

The "report ideality" option, if checked, produces a table of ideality changes by segment. This table was produced by default in Microidealize 4.0 test. The table output can be copied from the scriptlog file and pasted into a spreadsheet.

There was some effort to provide additional score detail in the output, but this version still doesn't tell you how long things took.

There were several other minor changes to the code, such as updating the method used to determine whether there are filters to use the new filter.GetNames call. A couple of internal tables were updated to use named fields instead of offsets. The random number generator now gets seeded, which might be important if you select the random order option.

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MI 4.1.1

Microidealize 4.1.1 fixes a couple of bugs:

1. changing wiggle power could crash the recipe
2. the cancel button in the dialog didn't stop the recipe

There are also some slight cosmetic fixes.

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nice recipe. Score increase

nice recipe. Score increase is efficient ^^

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