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Recipe: Sidechain Flipper 2.4
Created by Wipf 70 1873
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Name: Sidechain Flipper 2.4
ID: 103133
Created on: Wed, 07/24/2019 - 08:15
Updated on: Wed, 07/24/2019 - 15:35

Applies the sequence Flip, Freeze, Shake, Unfreeze, Wiggle, Shake, Wiggle to the different rotamer positions of the sidechains to find better sidechain configurations. Version 2.4 offers a user interface to configure different options.

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user interface for configuring options

This new version of the Sidechain Flipper recipe offers a user interface to configure some options. The four buttons next to the start button allow loading different sets of default settings. These 'modes' (as I like to call them) have been in the source code (probably for a long time) as 'level 1' to 'level 4', with 'level 2' being the default.

The option dialog got quite high, because I wanted to include some explanation, what the options do. It takes up more than half the height of my screen and I guess it might be a problem, if someone is playing with a really small screen. If so please let me know.
This is the first user interface I wrote for a foldit recipe, so if you have suggestions for improving it, feel free to write them here as a comment (or as a message directly to me). I will consider them when I find time for it (be warned that that may take a few month).

==== CHANGELOG ====
July 2019: -- Version 2.4, release 1 --
July 2019: a few minor improvementi
May 2019: made mode selection in option dialog work
May 2019: cleaned up main script to use new function SetOptions for setting the options May 2019: moved options into table 'options'
Mar 2019: made post_scramble a boolean instead of an integer
Mar 2019: replaced UnfreezeAll by a selective Unfreeze
Mar 2019: replaced select-freeze for single segment by a call to freeze.Freeze()
Mar 2019: reordered main script
Mar 2019: added Dialog_Options()
Mar 2019: -- Version 2.3, release 1 --

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