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Recipe: SelectoPro v1.0
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Name: SelectoPro v1.0
ID: 102521
Created on: Tue, 10/31/2017 - 11:10
Updated on: Tue, 10/31/2017 - 18:10

Select segments if they are (or aren't) mutable, frozen, locked, hydrophobic, or hydrophilic. Optionally, preserve existing selections.

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SelectoPro works with the selection interface. It can select segments based on whether they are mutable, frozen, locked, hydrophobic, or hydrophilic.

SelectoPro can get around limitations on certain puzzles. For example, on puzzle 1443, the structures tool is not available if all segments are selected. The tool only appears when mutable segments are selected. The "mutable" option of SelectoPro lets you use the auto-structures option on all mutable segments at once.

The recipe selects segments if any of the specified options apply. In other words, a logical OR is applied. So if "mutable" and "hydrophobic" are specified, a segment is selected if it's either mutable or hydrophobic, or both.

The recipe clears existing selections by default. The "keep existing selections" option changes this behavior.

The "invert new selections" option flips the selection logic. In other words, a logical NOT is applied. For example, if "mutable" and "invert new selections" are specified, the recipe selects all segments that are not mutable. (The NOT is applied to each property individually, instead of all specified properties as a group.)

The recipe counts how many segments it selects, and reports the count in the scriptlog. If "keep existing selections" is specified, only new selections are counted.

Not all segments can be selected. For example, on puzzle 1440, many segments have locked backbone. These segments cannot be selected. If the "locked" option is specified, these segments are counted as an error. The "locked" option may be more useful if "invert new selections" is specified.

Each time it selects a segment, the recipe checks to see whether the segment is selected. Segments which fail this test are counted as selection errors. The total number of selection errors is reported in the scriptlog.

The segment properties are based on corresponding functions in the Foldit Lua Interface. For example, the Lua function structure.IsMutable determines whether a segment is mutable, and is the basis of the "mutable" option.

The "frozen" option selects segments based on whether their backbone is frozen. There is no option to select segments with frozen sidechains.

The "hydrophilic" option is a special case. The Foldit Lua interface provides a function to check for a hydrophobic segment (structure.IsHydrophobic), but there's not a separate function for hydrophilics. Instead, the definition of "hydrophilic" is "not hydrophobic". The recipe's "hydrophilic" option is based on this logic.

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