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Recipe: Gary Rebuild Worst 3.1
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Name: Gary Rebuild Worst 3.1
ID: 102513
Created on: Wed, 10/25/2017 - 11:21
Updated on: Wed, 01/10/2018 - 19:26

Rebuilding Worst Delta . Need 5 to reset delta. Based upon Walkin Rebuild but focuses on most impacted. Leaves secondary structure as is. Converted to lua v2 in order to make further improvements possible.

Best For


Joined: 09/24/2012
Groups: Go Science

With dialogs including a limit acceptable points per round
Cleanup & store big steps

Joined: 03/28/2018
The options in the dialog are very confusing

Rebuild delta.
Number of good rebuilds and others.

It would be nice to see a description of what they are/do. If there is already a description, please include the link to it.

Pretty please!

Joined: 09/24/2012
Groups: Go Science

For most of the recipes, you have the explanations in comments in the code of the recipe. Please open the code and read there.
Most of the terminology used here is standard to many recipes.
bf= blue fuze
lws = local wiggle strategy
delta is often the loss accepted for a rebuild before to shake and wiggle it
minimum gain is linked to the minimum gain accepted to go on with a solution etc.

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