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Recipe: LuaFunctions 1.2
Created by LociOiling 8 1
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Name: LuaFunctions 1.2
ID: 102310
Created on: Mon, 03/20/2017 - 11:10
Updated on: Mon, 03/20/2017 - 18:10

Not a foldit recipe. LuaFunctions is a standalone Lua script used as step in producing the "Foldit Lua Functions" page on the wiki. The input to this script is the output from the series of Foldit help commands produced by LuaHelp2Help. Version 1.1 fixes a t7po. Version 1.2 adds support for version 1 of the Foldit Lua interface.

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updated to handle version 1 of the Foldit Lua interface

LuaFunctions is not a Foldit recipe. It should produce a polite message stating this fact if you run it from your cookbook.

This a standalone Lua script, so you must have Lua installed separately from Foldit to run.

This script takes the output from a list of help commands, and formats it to produce wiki text markup. The help commands are generated by the companion LuaHelp2Help script.

Due to problems with the "help", some manual fixes are needed to get the desired results.

See for more details.

Version 1.2 introduces support for version 1 of the Foldit Lua interface. Add "V1" at the end of the argument list to process version 1 functions. Each V1 function is cross-referenced to its V2 counterpart. There is no grouping by namespace for V1.

Some minor corrections to V2 cross-references were added in this release as well.

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Impressing !

Thanks Loci, that makes the Wiki in line with the software.

I appreciate the Lua V1 addition and the "Unimplemented/disabled functions" chapter. This avoids us to use these functions in recipes and/or gives ideas to ask to implement them again. For exemple, I would like to see "Tweak" functions implemented.

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