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Recipe: SS Edit 1.2
Created by LociOiling 2 1
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Name: SS Edit 1.2
ID: 102273
Created on: Tue, 12/27/2016 - 13:24
Updated on: Tue, 12/27/2016 - 21:24

Displays the current secondary structure. The displayed value can be cut or copied and a new value pasted in. Clicking the "Change" button applies the displayed value to the protein. Click "Exit" when any changes are complete. Version 1.1 disables filters during the change and avoid crashes by not attempting to set ligand type "M". Version 1.2 disables undo stack pushes to allow one-key undo.

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one-key undo, more flexible input, internal changes

SS Edit 1.2 lets you copy and paste the protein's secondary structure.

When you click the "Change" button, the recipe applies the contents of the "SStruct" box to the protein. All entries are converted to upper case. Only the standard Foldit codes "L" for loop, "H" for helix, and "E" for sheet are applied to the protein. Anything else causes the entry to be skipped and the corresponding segment left unchanged.

In particular, type "M" for molecule, used with ligands, is ignored.

Version 1.2 disables pushes to the undo stack, allowing you to undo operations with a single key (for example, ctrl-z) or click (Undo menu -> undo).

Version 1.2 also corrects some internal errors, where the author was confused about the difference between a table and a string in Lua.

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companion recipes

See also AA Edit 1.2 for the companion recipe for primary structure.

The main dialog for SS Edit references the "select all" shortcut (ctrl-a or the equivalent). In general, this does not seem necessary in a Foldit textbox. For example, clicking anywhere the textbox and typing ctrl-c copies the entire contents of the textbox. Clicking anywhere in the textbox and typing ctrl-x clears the entire textbox. Use "select all" if your environment exhibits different behavior. Thanks to Bertro for pointing out the nuances of copy-and-paste in Foldit.

See also print protein 2.4 for a recipe which captures more information about the protein.

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