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Recipe: Helix twister cut 3.0
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Name: Helix twister cut 3.0
ID: 101971
Created on: Mon, 03/28/2016 - 06:05
Updated on: Mon, 03/28/2016 - 16:19

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New to Helix Twister

-filter disabling unless for score (this is quite hard, I don't recommend it since this recipe is for short run)
-cut at the Loop spacer place before to twist: hopefully, it would give more freedom for the twist, and allows enhancing Rama map.
-in keep trying, it changes the length of the Loop spacer
-default are now: keep trying, cut, filter always enabled (also on design puzzles)

I think this recipe would be good just after a hand fold on a de novo (in order to find the best turn of the helices), or on end game as for the parent recipe.

Tip: trying with unchecked "Enable Cut Bands" gives other result (this can be unchecked and checked while the recipe is running).

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