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Recipe: Fracture v2.1
Created by MurloW 78 1936
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Name: Fracture v2.1
ID: 101250
Created on: Mon, 07/20/2015 - 05:13
Updated on: Fri, 11/20/2015 - 01:19

Combination Rebuilder.

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Functionality update:
-Local contact map bands after every rebuild:
Presets: -> "I'll have banders" -> Use local contact map bands
Custom: -> Bander -> Single squeeze -> Use only contact map bands
Default single squeeze bands all segments in radius.

Various minor code improvements throughout.

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What do the sliders do

What do the sliders under Early game / Mid Game / End game options do?

The first ones go 1 to 3, the last one 1-4.

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My apologies, the dialog box doesn't mention this. If you open the Recipe Output window you will see what the sliders do; similar to the Mutators recipe.

They are presets for the recipe; in the early stages of this recipe some of my team disliked going through so many dialogs so they are a quick way to use a certain default depending on the state of your structure.

Tick one of the three boxes and set the slider to the rebuilder of your choosing.
I'll outline the presets again here:

Early Game:
1 = drw small rebuilds, shortest first - fast healing
2 = drw large-med rebuilds
3 = rr large-med rebuilds
Mid Game:
1 = drw med rebuilds
2 = rr big-med rebuilds
3 = rr med-small rebuilds
End Game:
1 = drw small rebuilds
2 = rr small rebuilds
3 = drw acid tweak
4 = rr acid tweak

If there are any other questions, I am more than happy to oblige.

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bugfix: error'd on 1144

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Thank you

Thank you for the slider info,now I will also try fracture :)

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Fracture is my favorite reciepe

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Improved handling of locked segments

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I'm with DodoBird

Great script. My go-to combination rebuilder in mid-late game. Thanks for the great work

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I know Fracture is really just a combination of a few recipes, though I imagine includes some "special sauz" of your own, but for whatever reason I just find Fracture to be much easier to use than the DReW recipes! :D

TL;DR - Even when Fracture is configured to NEVER disable User Bands, it still does during specific actions, and then re-enables bands... If the user happens to have other, disabled, bands when the recipe was started (because they didn't want to remove them, and didn't want the recipe to use them), then when Fracture goes and re-enables bands it ends up turning ALL of them on. Mayhem ensues, no gains had (or very minimal), and lots of time wasted. Can this be fixed? :}

--=[WARNING - Wall-of-Text Version!]=--
That being said, I have a request (maybe a bug report?)which I'm HOPING is doable or not super hard... I'll also PM to you since there's no alert system for comments, and this might not get seen for ages.

As someone who is almost exclusively a hand-folder, I tend to both A) leave various 'utility' bands on my protein in key spots to occasionally re-use as needed (typically applied directly to backbone atoms via Stick mode), and B) want to have a few specific bands enabled-always while the recipe processes.

The problem is, in those times when I want just a few of my bands to remain Enabled, I'll configure Fracture to have "Keep Enabled Always" ENABLED and then "Disable during Rebuild" DISABLED (if relevant, I also Enable "Keep band length and strength"), BUT when I also have a number of my aforementioned 'utility bands' on my protein --even though they're disabled when Fracture is started-- the recipe always ends up eventually turning all of them on as well!

Given the settings I've enabled/disabled, I'm not too sure why Fracture is EVER bothering to disable the bands? So what happens is it seems that it doesn't botehr to track which ones were enabled, causing it to simply "Enable All" afterwards. This causes absolute mayhem when it tries to do any work after the fact...

I never remember that this will happen because it occurs some minutes into its first sequence, but by that time I've minimized Foldit to let it do its thing! lol Only when I come back and scroll the Output do I find it odd that there has been virtually zero score gain on any of the cycles, at which point (since Fracture is still working), I catch a glimpse of my protein exploding during a Wiggle and realize ALL the bands are enabled. That gets followed by a sigh and a facepalm :P

I suppose that this problem with Fracture may have came as a crude "fix" due to a Foldit bug that would causes crashes when trying to toggle -specific- bands by their number, and if the band doesn't exist (due to user removal after starting the recipe) then it throws an Out of Bounds error. IF THAT'S WHY... then that bug has been fixed, finally!
IF NOT THE REASON... I know that some other recipes (maybe even newer DRWs) seem to have band tracking, which does the aforementioned toggling of specific bands. Maybe adding that to Fracture would solve this, since it would know specifically which bands to re-enable afterwards.

Thanks for a great recipe!

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Developed by: UW Center for Game Science, UW Institute for Protein Design, Northeastern University, Vanderbilt University Meiler Lab, UC Davis
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