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Recipe: 1059: Improvement Example
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Name: 1059: Improvement Example
ID: 100754
Created on: Wed, 03/04/2015 - 16:32
Updated on: Thu, 03/05/2015 - 00:32

Example of one way to improve the score of 1059. Run at Medium wiggle power. Should take about 1 minute to run and result in a 22 point gain to 15116. This recipe starts the puzzle over.

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This recipe gains 22 points

This recipe gains 22 points on the starting design by changing the 3rd residue from methionine to valine and wiggling it out.
Segments 30-33 and 50-53 are deselected for the local wiggle, to prevent them from failing the Fragment Score filter.

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I try to run this recipe and

I try to run this recipe and it crashes my client every time. I run it at medium wiggle power and I've tried different c.i. levels (I guess that shouldn't matter). Is there something I can try to get it to work? I use a Mac but that should't matter I suppose. I have also tried resetting the puzzle but as soon as I start the recipe, the client crashes. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Joined: 11/24/2014

Are you using devprev? If so, that's why it's crashing. 1059, I think, crashes when you do almost anything with filters disabled in devprev. Or maybe that's just 1058; I don't remember. If you are using devprev, try switching to main. I had to do that on 1058, and I was still on it for 1059 so I can't say for sure that 1059 had the same problem, but since it's based on the same puzzle, I'm guessing it does.

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1058 and 1059 both crash on devprev

Filter toggling is the culprit....

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Also, the wiggle power probably doesn't make much of a difference here. I just said to use Medium because that's the only power I tested the recipe at.

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Thanks for getting back to

Thanks for getting back to me. I'm not on devprev. Is there some setting that needs to be enabled before running the script?

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Not that I can think of, no. If you aren't on devprev, then I can't imagine why it wouldn't work; it's a very simple script. You could try removing the SetSlowFiltersDisabled lines from the recipe, and running it like that. It will certainly take a lot longer than a minute to run if you do it that way, but it might avoid whatever problem you're experiencing.

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My apologies, I found out

My apologies, I found out that I was on devprev all the time.
I had changed it about a year ago and had forgot all about it. When I went into options.txt and looked at update_group, there it was "devprev". I changed it to main and everything works well in 1058 and 1059. I ran your recipe and got the points. Thanks for your help.

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