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Recipe: SymCompress 2.5
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Name: SymCompress 2.5
ID: 100700
Created on: Tue, 02/17/2015 - 16:27
Updated on: Wed, 02/18/2015 - 00:27

Brow42's "Rav Compress 2.2.1 for Symmetry", with wiggle factor, filter toggling, and standardized score reporting. The odds of selecting a band endpoint as a target are now adjustable.

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many new features

This version of Compressor pulls together new features from several sources.

As in brow42's version, the recipe can create bands to the endpoints of existing bands. For example, you can create a band from segment 12 on the "main" protein to segment 12 on each of the shaded "symmetry partners". Then, when you start the recipe, this band is disabled, and the recipe may make band from somewhere on the main protein to segment 12 on one of the symmetry partners. The same logic applies for any "bands in space" you create. The recipe may randomly pull some segment on the main protein towards a band in space.

In brow42's version, if the main protein is 80 segments, and you create 20 bands, there are a total of 100 possible endpoints for new bands, each with an equal chance of being selected. So there's only a 20% chance of pulling toward a symmetry partner or point in space in this scenario using brow42's recipe.

SymCompress lets you specify the odds directly, using the "Band endpoint?" slider. You can select 1.0 (100%) to pull *only* to the endpoints of existing bands. (One end of each new band will always be on the main protein. This is a foldit limitation.)

SymCompress also includes several other new features:

* an extended GUI, allowing direct control over more script options
* standard scoring and error handling ("model recipe")
* Timo's filter toggling logic, as found in EDRW 2.8.0
* wiggle factor, as found in EDRW and many "New Chapter" recipes
* spvincent's "disallow parallel" option, and found in Local Quake (NC):
+ "disallow parallel" applies to both sheets and helixes
+ only structures longer that 4 segments are affected
+ applies only to bands with both endpoints on the main protein
* bands are made to the beta carbon (aka the "first knuckle" on the sidechain)

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One additional feature is that if you don't make any bands, SymCompress functions as a regular Compressor. So you can use same recipe on non-symmetry puzzles to get adjustable wiggle factor or any of the other new features.

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