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Returned to my land of birth and never looked back. Used to work in IT but I prefer the outside these days. Picked a job that makes me happy and pays the bills. Your mileage might vary.

See my insect/spider macros here

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HUEmon in life test, Earth is alive and grows, adapting to it's inhabitants , and everything is alive and unique system within itself.

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Happily married, mother of one and grandmother of four. Retired military spouse. In life I've tried my hand at many things. Currently I love to write and I'm still learning to do that better as the days go by. I'm an active member of both the Grid-Republic and BOINC projects. I now have a new family with 10 delightfully patterned furry coats a hooves.

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I am a IT Support tech who has always been a big fan of science and space. I helped with the planet hunters mission that analysed Kepler data to detect exo planets and thought I would try my hand and fold it as well

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I have always been fascinated by computers and what they could do. My interest is within mathematics, telecommunication (Ph.D.), and data mining, the later is with a telecommunication company. More of my research could be found at ( That’s why I have found Foldit very interesting. All those combinations, impossible to get the correct answer intrigues me.

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Principal investigator Deep Space Network @ Home a BOINC project.

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I'm a software developer who wants to solve problems for science!!

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Biology major

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I am a computer programmer working on a masters degree currently. My undergraduate background is in microbiology and I have a strong interest in theoretical biology and bioinformatics.

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Came to hug viruses and proteins. Was not disappoint.

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Retired mathematician-theoretical physicist living on a tropical island---Foldit is a nice hobby when staying out of the sun.

The maximization techniques used for foldit are basically locallized gradient searches in a constrained path-space---each perturbation of the protein leads to a valuation of a "directional derivative"----the real problem is that the constrained path-space has infinite dimension and if the local extrema are isolated and "far" from eachother it can be very frustrating to try to improve the score by minor perturbations.

Just think of being on a mountain-top---blindfolded with a long extendible cane. You want to go "Up-hill"---you reach out with the cane horizontally and if you touch something you move in that direction---else just try another direction. If the cane is too short then you have to extend it(i.e. by using larger perturbations).

Good Folding to All!

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I am a highschool student who wants to make a change and help myself and other scientists understand CoVid-19.

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student in biochemistry in Berlin

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