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I’m a nerd. Plain and simple. I’ve moved more than I can count on two hands. I keep a journal and read like a fiend. Breakfast? Coffee and taking calls. I sing the instrumentals. Annoying? Oh yes.

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Ex Nuclear Field Sailor with diverse interests, including technology, distributed computing for science, as well as the humanities

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i need to git gud at foldit man

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Just trying to do my part while gaming for science.

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Mathematician, teacher

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Blah blah blah blah Blah blah ..oh, you’re actually reading this? Cool!

Hello and welcome to my homepage!

My favorite food is the donut. Specifically a Krispy Kreme caramel-glazed one with chocolate hot fudge. Without the sprinkles. And with the hole of course.

See, I believe that donuts with holes are 554 times better than donuts without them. That is why my username is Donuts554. 554 is the “golden ratio” between donuts without the holes and donuts with the holes.

Ooooh oh, and I also like some Japanese food, like okonomiyaki (i really wish they changed the name). Its like a noodle cake kind of thingy that is very savory.

Ironically I have never eaten that before! I am not much of a traveler but I have been to several foreign places.

I like to play Foldit because I want to help science. Science is one of my favorite subjects at school. But sometimes it gets really boring.

Anyways I hope you enjoy visiting my page! Now back to what I was saying so my page looks normal and boring like my textbook. Blah blah blah blah

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Software Engineer

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????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????

I use recipes: Random Idealize Thanks mirp Banded Worm Pairs Thanks Bruno Kestemont Endless Squash v0.1 Thanks Susume

Banded Worm Thanks KarenCH

Fracture v2.1 Thanks MurloW Compress gently 8

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Because games matter

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I have written quite a few recipes, and as such do not always remember to check them. If I do not respond to a question you had for a while, send me a private message.

I tend to write lots of simple recipes to automate the boring stuff.

My Recipes:

Other Recipes I have tweaked/re-written:

Deprecated Recipes:

Non-Functional Recipes:

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Trinity Biology

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Mi piace la scienza (pur non lavorando nel settore), la tecnologia e la fantascienza, nella ferma convinzione che ci porteranno in un futuro migliore.

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I'm a software engineer on Xbox (Caltech CS '21) who enjoys contributing to scientific efforts.

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