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was user g_s - from 05/09/08 - 09/07/09

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Diploma in Mathematics and Computer Sciences in 2001

Systemadministrator ever since.

IRC only account: jausmhirc10

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Game Programmer

Tutorials (in French but with subtitles) : : Design puzzle with AlphaFold

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Background: Ph.D. Physical Organic Chemistry Current: Toxicology Drug Analysis - GCMS and LCMS Languages: C/C++; Forth; Visual Basic; Assembly Contributor To: IBM World Community Grid; Stanford University - Folding@Home NOTE: Contributor Only

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I'm just on here because I saw all the corona virus challenges and was hoping to make a difference.

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Folding as a Citizen Scientist!

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Research Focus: In pursuit of the more obscured epidemiologic, ethnobotanic, and equine-specific zoologic findings spanning the geo-spatial spectrum of the Caribbean Basin biographic region

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Thank you for check me!

however, there is one thing i need to tell you first.

always, i'm folding as soloist player, and without using Lua scripts and AlphaFold.

i have my own policy: for human intuition and diversity, and my own learning.

it may be never join group, as pure soloist, without reference. play blindly like to find strategy!

when it's time to Lua scripts in distant future, i change to a policy of cording by myself, without need for help. as result, i have no knowledge of recipes by others.(keeping for never used)

of course Lua scripts i can be handled, but all open puzzles are voluntarily without. it's like folding in non human environment was same as folding@home!

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I've forgotten more than I know.

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I'm a retired biochemist, so this is really a continuation of work!

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Artificial Intelligence

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Hello. I'm cjddig. I'm interested in organic chemistry, so I enjoy playing this game. Foldit helps me to learn not only science, but also English. (As I'm Korean, my English skill has to be improved) Anyway, I hope I can help science. Keep fit everyone.

On my Youtube channel, there are tutorial videos for Foldit Education Mode.

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Studied Biochemistry and did my PhD in Biophysics / CryoEM :)

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Hello my name is Pascal Wolfteich

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