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Hello my name is Pascal Wolfteich follow me on Twitter

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I've made three coronavirus videos demonstrating how to get started:

Also this one:

demonstrates how to use the remix tool manually to fix bad loops. This technique can be used on coronavirus puzzle 1814c and many other design puzzles.

The Intro Puzzles page on the Foldit wiki links to tips for each intro puzzle, including videos.

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Bio-engineer 30 years ago, I PhD recently on the opposite scale: the World's ecology and sustainable development indicators.

I find Foldit inspiring for the research process and it's link with development and what we call "technological lock in" in History: one step back, 2 steps forwards can help humanity to go out of the current unsustainable high carbon societies lock-in.

From the game point of view, I like evolving and scripting in order to learn what is a beautiful protein.

-Oct 2012: Joined L'Alliance Francophone -Apr-Sep 2013: rank 1 symmetric evolvers -May 2013: Joined Beta Folders -Nov 2013: first time our group solution further used in Science -Dec 2013: Came back to L'Alliance Francophone -Apr 2014: lonesome soloist then, then founded the unconventional Soloists virtual group, then joined Go Science for the CASP11 race. We ended on rank 4. Nice to have many good evolvers there: this helps a lot for my solos. -May 2014: strange feeling beeing CASP11 solo n°1 after 5 puzzles (2 after 8 puzzles, 8 at the end). This encouraged me to concentrate on solos. -May 2014: Got Master soloists. -Aug 2014: Solo rank 10 -Oct 2014: prediction solo rank 1 !! -10 March 2015: Solo 2 (during 1 day !) -Best solo rank ever: 2 (Prediction 1, Pilot 1, CASP11 2, overall 2, design 2, symmetry 2, ED 2, PC 3, HF 46). -Best Foldit contribution ever (Nov 2015): Solo 2 + Evo 3 = 5 (total rank = 1) -Sept 2016: Our group solution used in science (Nature paper)! -nov 2017 Pilot soloist 1 after 10 puzzles -June 2018, co-authored a Human Computation paper on player's vision -July 2018, co-authored as most Players on a Nature paper on collaborative protein prediction -June 2019, co-authored among Foldit Players on a Nature paper protein design by Citizen Scientists -Dec 2019: rank 1 evolvers (best rank ever: sym 1, prediction 1, pilot 1, design 2, overall 3, ED 3, CR 5, CASP 8, PC 7). -Feb 2019: best foldit contribution total with Solo 2 + Evo 1 = 3 (total rank 1). Soloists chart /Evolvers chart / Group chart

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(Global Rank: #4 | Global Score: 4238)

Retired Medical Technologist. Worked in clinical immunology lab in teaching hospital. Currently volunteering for Audubon Society, Soaring Club, and my city's CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program.

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I like science and i like puzzles.

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B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Genetics. Currently M.Sc student. Actively folding proteins since February 2018.

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Ancien responsable informatique

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I've worked in the fields of architecture, auto-identification (barcoding), industrial design, and software publishing. I'm an inventor. I've always loved polyhedra and three-dimensional mathematical models.

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Retired 74

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Still Folding !

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Industrial organic chemist who has too much time on his hands, hence Foldit.

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semi-retired carpenter

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I have recently shifted careers to become a high school educator. I am having fun in the trenches of urban education. My first (academic) love is enzyme catalysis, and my second is protein structure. I am learning to love motivating young people. Foldit exercises another part of my brain that teaching does not.

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Information analyst. Background: degree in Mathematics and Computer science. C systems programmer a long time ago.

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Retired technology professional valuing the foldit experience as a citizen scientist. I am gaining appreciation that foldit is far more than a game, and contributors are more than mere "players".

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