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I don't have a science background, but, most of the stocks I trade in are in the bio or stemcell sector. The premise of this game fascinates me. ;)

No trees were killed in the creation of this message. However, many electrons were terribly inconvenienced. ;)

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B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Genetics. Actively folding proteins since February 2018.

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I have always been fascinated by computers and what they could do. My interest is within mathematics, telecommunication (Ph.D.), and data mining, the later is with a telecommunication company. More of my research could be found at ( That’s why I have found Foldit very interesting. All those combinations, impossible to get the correct answer intrigues me.

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(Global Rank: #35 | Global Score: 1367)

I have 25 years of professional experience in IT, rewrote ray tracing software in x86 assembly language, built a 3d interface for LCD shutter glasses so I could play Descent stereoscopically in 1996, optimized Raistmer's SETI at home in SSSE3 assembly, created and sold computer art, wrote up and filed patents, trademarks, domains.

I like to push frontiers and discover new ones.

I have funded and built a series of workstations exclusively for use with Foldit, running 24/7 reaching a historical 25.000.000 moves on may 7th 2012 at 15:45 UTC. Just over a year later introduced a new achievement to honor breaking a new frontier, the 50 Megamoves limit:

I reached Global Soloist Rank #1 position for the first time on june 24, 2012 at 14:00 CET.

Contenders is my home and I feel happy being among like-minded souls who are passionate about what they do.

List of news related to puzzles we (all) worked on: Influenza cure:

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Hello my name is Pascal Wolfteich follow me on Twitter

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(Global Rank: #39 | Global Score: 1239)

Background: Ph.D. Physical Organic Chemistry Current: Toxicology Drug Analysis - GCMS and LCMS Languages: C/C++; Forth; Visual Basic; Assembly Contributor To: IBM World Community Grid; Stanford University - Folding@Home NOTE: Contributor Only

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Retired technology professional finally escaped from tech giants sanity intact. Except can't seem to get shut of foldit. But hopefully contributing to advancing the art of protein folding with occasional pressure on the better folders.

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I have recently shifted careers to become a high school educator. I am having fun in the trenches of urban education. My first (academic) love is enzyme catalysis, and my second is protein structure. I am learning to love motivating young people. Foldit exercises another part of my brain that teaching does not.

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(Global Rank: #47 | Global Score: 875)

Pharmacy student at California Northstate University. B.S. Pharmaceutical Chemistry UC Davis c/o 2018. Livestreams video games, including Foldit, as a hobby. As my Twitter bio reads: "Aspiring pharmacist, Nintendork, G'eek Philosopher, Streamer, and Gamer. Hi!"

Streams of Foldit every week for #FolditFriday at my Twitch channel! (

== Currently not accepting group invitations. == Read this pastebin for more.

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Still Folding !

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