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I've worked in the fields of architecture, auto-identification (barcoding), industrial design, and software publishing. I'm an inventor. I've always loved polyhedra and three-dimensional mathematical models.

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I don't have a science background, but, most of the stocks I trade in are in the bio or stemcell sector. The premise of this game fascinates me. ;)

No trees were killed in the creation of this message. However, many electrons were terribly inconvenienced. ;)

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Retired technology professional valuing the foldit experience as a citizen scientist. I am gaining appreciating that foldit is far more than a game, and contributors are more than mere "players".

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(Global Rank: #34 | Global Score: 1341)

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(Global Rank: #35 | Global Score: 1337)

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(Global Rank: #36 | Global Score: 1291)

Hello my name is Pascal Wolfteich follow me on Twitter

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(Global Rank: #39 | Global Score: 1219)

I have 25 years of professional experience in IT, rewrote ray tracing software in x86 assembly language, built a 3d interface for LCD shutter glasses so I could play Descent stereoscopically in 1996, optimized Raistmer's SETI at home in SSSE3 assembly, created and sold computer art, wrote up and filed patents, trademarks, domains.

I like to push frontiers and discover new ones.

I have funded and built a series of workstations exclusively for use with Foldit, running 24/7 reaching a historical 25.000.000 moves on may 7th 2012 at 15:45 UTC. Just over a year later introduced a new achievement to honor breaking a new frontier, the 50 Megamoves limit:

I reached Global Soloist Rank #1 position for the first time on june 24, 2012 at 14:00 CET.

Contenders is my home and I feel happy being among like-minded souls who are passionate about what they do.

List of news related to puzzles we (all) worked on: Influenza cure:

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(Global Rank: #40 | Global Score: 1193)

Background: Ph.D. Physical Organic Chemistry Current: Toxicology Drug Analysis - GCMS and LCMS Languages: C/C++; Forth; Visual Basic; Assembly Contributor To: IBM World Community Grid; Stanford University - Folding@Home NOTE: Contributor Only

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(Global Rank: #42 | Global Score: 1086)

Still Folding !

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(Global Rank: #45 | Global Score: 980)

I have recently shifted careers to become a high school educator. I am having fun in the trenches of urban education. My first (academic) love is enzyme catalysis, and my second is protein structure. I am learning to love motivating young people. Foldit exercises another part of my brain that teaching does not.

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(Global Rank: #46 | Global Score: 968)

Started crunching Boinc a few years ago and was introduced to folding by a Boinc team-mate, so have added that to my list of worthy causes.

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(Global Rank: #51 | Global Score: 876)
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