Can ui.AlignGuide() output an RMSD value?

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Opened by:jeff101
Opened on:Sunday, August 31, 2014 - 23:54
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The LUA function ui.AlignGuide()
(see for details)
seems to align the present structure with the structure saved as the Guide.
I assume that to do this, ui.AlignGuide() rotates and translates the present structure
to minimize the RMSD (or optimize some other measure of similarity)
between the present structure and the Guide structure.

Would it be possible to let ui.AlignGuide() output the optimized numerical value of the RMSD
(or other measure of similarity) when the present structure is best-aligned with the Guide structure?
This would let us quantitate how similar the present structure is to the Guide structure.

Also, does the present ui.AlignGuide() let one input a range of segment numbers to align to?
This way if you want to find the best alignment for residues 1-10 only,
you can input that desired range.


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