4 puzzles at once?

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I forgot to put this in the survey you put out: If you do decide to give us 4 puzzles at once (like currently is going on), then we really need longer deadlines. At least 1 day, preferably 2-3.

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This is particularly true for design puzzles, with mutations and filters in play - those really slow down the work. I'd say that revisits don't need the extra time, though - they're small, after all.

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Not all of the revisits are particularly small ;P Some can get up to 120 from what I've seen; though most of them ARE small :P

Mutables, denovos, contact map, ED puzzles and the like, plus ANY puzzle with scientific value (ebola, abeta binder design, or solving structures of brain cancer related proteins like what given early in CASP) should be given extra time!

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So many puzzles as quickly leaves out any possibility for those who have a slow PC, I get not keep up, please let enough time for us to make things right.

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I agree, I have a pretty good machine and it gives me a huge advantage, noticed were up to 4 again

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My problem with a lot of puzzles concurrently is simply finding the time to be at the keyboard to work on all of them. I'm always finding that I can't even start a puzzle until two or three days before it finishes.

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At risk of repeating myself and the obvious history.

It was agreed 2 yrs ago that the number of concurrent puzzles (excluding beginner) would be 3. This agreement was reached after an increase in puzzle load which players found unacceptable due to the playability and the effect on the 'game'

I have searched (but failed) to find any productive reason for this number being increased with NC client which is substantially slower. To make matters worse, design puzzles (requiring mutation - always a slow action and slower now it seems) often have additional filters now which clearly put the brakes on even further.

Personally I'm at a loss to understand why this issue even has to be discussed. I'm more interested to know why a previous agreement was completely ignored during CASP - resulting in fewer fully examined puzzles (many not even entered by players that would normally have done so) and a complete breakdown of the rankings. Let's face it, the ranking now mean little - they just prove a player has a powerful machine.

I'm quite happy to wear my heart on my chest (as many know lol) - recent history has destroyed foldit as a game for me.....such a shame I'm not alone.

I've not been here that long at 3 yrs but there is one thing that should be given consideration I think.....when players of my 'service' and longer stop giving priorty to (or indeed no longer play) design puzzles, then something is going sideways.

I truly hope this will get the attention it deserves.

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Amen. I am in my first real year of folding. I work slowly as a result. If the more experienced players can't work so many at a time, imagine novices. And we never know when a new player might teach us all something we never thought to do. They might actually find a real break-through

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I think two mutate puzzles at the same time is too much regardless of the total number of puzzles.

To be fairer to people with less time/resources, how about 3 puzzles at a time? Each puzzle could run for 9 days, staggered 3 days apart.


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