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973: Post-CASP Tc853: Server Model Contacts
Status: Closed


Name: 973: Post-CASP Tc853: Server Model Contacts
Status: Closed
Created: 08/22/2014
Points: 100
Expired: 08/30/2014 - 23:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Description: All CASP11 submission deadlines have passed, but our analysis of the results has just begun! This contact map puzzle is based on the same target as Puzzle 966, and we want to see if you can improve a model from one of the competing servers. Instead of starting this puzzle with an extended chain, we've provided a model that satisfies a large number of contacts. Contacts are scored with the Contact Map filter in this puzzle, and there is an upper limit of 2775 possible points from the filter. Players will NOT be able to load solutions from Puzzle 966.
Categories: Overall, Predicted Contacts, Prediction

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whats the rush?

whats the rush?

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The natives for these CASP targets will be released soon

So the rush is to ensure that these puzzles are still blind!

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Seems familiar

Hmmmm this idea seems familiar :)

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Extended deadline

The deadline for this puzzle has been extended, in light of the postponed server maintenance.

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