971 solution vanished

Case number:699969-998353
Opened by:MurloW
Opened on:Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 10:22
Last modified:Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 17:47

I had been working on 971 since the minute it opened, had a solution with 11657.997 points, but couldn't get it to connect to server. I saved top score solution, saved another solution I was working on, and tried sharing to group; sharing didn't work. "There has been an error getting shared solutions from the server."

Closed client, re-opened client, the puzzle is acting like I haven't opened it before. No saved solutions, no quick- or auto saves, no tracks (I had 5), etc.
Also, when I reset the puzzle, it's in a different conformation than the puzzle after a reset yesterday.

Unfortunately I don't have screenshots, but even if I did my solutions are still gone.

No error message, nothing in log.

How can locally saved solutions *not* be there while the client said "Solution saved." 10mins ago?

The only "proof" I can find that I have worked on it is scriptlogs from tracks that aren't there anymore.

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There was a problem with 971, so they cancelled it within hours of the start and later replaced it with a different puzzle. However, they did not change the puzzle number. Normally they would call it 971b or something to indicate that it's different, but not this time. No one can load their solutions from before the change. Sorry to hear you spent so much time on it.

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I started the puzzle after reading this feedback, so I figured it was the fixed puzzle by then.

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How long ago did you start the puzzle? About a day ago?

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Something like that.
I didn't open new client before starting it, just switched from 970 to 971; so I probably still had old puzzle loaded in list.


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