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This is probably one of the stranger requests, but is the background music that plays during the wiggle available. I absolutely love it and in the morning I now get a wiggle going while I do my yoga, but I'd love it on my ipod.

I'd even happily buy it!


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Foldit Soundtrack

Great news!

All the sounds are actually in the resources folder distributed with the game. They would be in the [Foldit Directory]/cmp-resources-[..]/resources/sounds .

If anyone feels like making a cool remix out of them, that would be fun to hear too.

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The Feedback comment below might help you:
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Thank you so much everyone

Thank you so much everyone for all your help! I've successfully made an MP3!

Without any musical talent, it will be up to someone else to make a mix.


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Hi Kath9986 I know it's

Hi Kath9986 I know it's been six years since your wish list. But I made a Fold It Remix mp3 for everybody. I had fun. Enjoy..


I used as many tracks as sounded in the right key. The syncopated irregularity was intentional.
Works in a loop.

Will post to Facebook.

I do not own the rights to these tracks. I just played in their backyard.


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