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I think we need more background information about the protein such as the species it comes from,its function,the kind of protein which can interact with it,and other experimental data(if any).In the Arabidopsis puzzle(http://fold.it/portal/node/997914) we have gotten useful information.If we get more information about the protein,we can search similar protein,look for motifs in the structure,etc.It's REALLY helpful to build a structure which closes to the native one.Maybe in CASP puzzles it's not published.But at least we players need it at beginner puzzles and design puzzles.We really want to help scientists find(or design) the real structures.I'm looking forward to your reply.Thanks a lot.

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I think it might be useful

I think it might be useful too. Knowing the function of the protein can shed light on the problem; plus it can be an interesting thing to know.

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This is great feedback and I

This is great feedback and I have passed it along to our scientists and developers.


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