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I doubt that I could contribute on a great scientific discovery,

but I'd like to know whether I'm deserve to share honor and wealth with 'foldit' developers

when I solve a important chemistry chains using with 'foldit' and that has a bounty.

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Straight from the ToS:

"Scientific discoveries will be made publicly available and the University of Washington will handle ownership of discoveries. All significant scientific discoveries (such as structures, algorithms, etc) made in game will be made publicly available. In the event that some discoveries may warrant patent protection, University of Washington will handle the patent application process. US patent law will govern IP attribution for each discovery. Individual players who contributed to the discovery will be considered co-inventors for any discovery produced through play. Data logs of player activity will assist in determination of attribution."

This has been discussed. A big issue is that many players use many different scripts made by different people, plus if it was a group/evolver solution, many people may have worked on it. It gets a little crazy at points.


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