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I think it would be highly useful to be able to Insert and Delete residues in the current crop of Design Puzzles. Quite often I seem to end up with, say, a dangling loop at one end of the structure and a realization that these residues would be much more useful elsewhere. However given the current tools this might mean major reconstruction of the protein: Delete followed by Insert would make it a snap. Perhaps an additional filter to ensure that Insertions and Deletions were balanced would be needed.

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Copy/Cut/Paste parts of the protein?

Say you want to make an 82 residue protein containing 3 identical
helices and 2 identical loops. Wouldn't it be nice if you could make
a 24 residue helical section and a 5 residue loop section, and then
copy and paste these sections together to make the full 82 residue

What about putting cut points at several places within a protein,
like between sections A B C and D, and then being able to change which
sections are connected by these cut points? Like being able to move the
ends of cut points like you can already move the ends of bands. Could
you change the order of the protein's sections from A B C D to A D C B,
for example?

Can any of these things already be done? Please post if you know how.

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