Shake Sidechains Inspection.

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could someone please take look at our 918 speed test feedback and note that Susume, Alwen and Frood are getting unusually long times to shake. Frood's times are off the charts for shake. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also, you may be interested to know that pletsch and backupelk get very different scores than everyone else. You can find pletsch's results in the timergames script comments. Thank You.

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spmm gets different results as well. all 3 of them also have longer run times, so Hopefully its just that their machines can drive down deeper in the given iterations. hopefully :)

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just to add

I have now taken the devprev update and rerun the shake test with just one client running. All other parameters the same.

score 1301

then I undid the action using the undo graph and started again

score 1576

This is a 20% difference (regardless of the terrible score) Is this variety in result to be expected? Some are asking questions.

for info I also ran wiggle and got a score of 106

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starting point 1: -872355 - ran twice from same starting point.

shaker: -872355 -> -536388 in 240 sec (AUTO)
-872355 -> -518598 in 133 sec (AUTO)

-872355 -> -527398 in 273 sec (LPW)
-872355 -> -530833 in 178 sec (LPW)

so the time goes down and the score changes.

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Anyone who was having this problem with shake being slower should try the new client (Build ID date 20150107) - it has drastically improved my shake times.


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