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I addition to the buttons to "clear selected cells" and "band selected cells," it would be nice if we could have a button to "select all green cells or contact cells" or some such language. I know that we can drag a green area to get an idea of where things are, but if we want to be meticulous and more exact by only selecting the green cells, doing it manually is a very time-consuming, laborious and strenuous task for the eyes; and since the contact map is track and save specific we would have to do it over and over again. We do have scripts that detect the contacts and then do things to them but that does not give us the thin red lines that we need to locate the relative positions of the structures.

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Puzzle 920 is a good illustration of why the situation is worse than I stated above. We can't even drag on 920 because we are only given single points. So every time we change tracks we have to re-select all of the green boxes again. Maybe the default condition for contact maps should be with all green boxes already selected. Then we can clear single ones, clear all, or if is implemented we can slide out the unwanted ones.


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