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I realize this topic has been discussed before, but if the creators can somehow make an app for the ios platform, I believe it would help in this endeavor of trying to find stable folds of proteins. It would open up this goal to another audience who could help whether for fun or for scientific purposes. Personally, I don't have the ability to join this effort of research because I only own an iPad. I would love to help out, no matter how little an addition. The creators have said that it is to expensive and challenging to make an ios app. Some other users have suggested using a third-party developer and paying for it with a kickstarter. I believe this to be a great idea... if we as a community support this, and I'm sure we can, then it can open the opportunity to have thousands of more people solving these biological puzzles who may only know of foldit's goal and research because they see it in the featured section of the store.

I am young and unable to give advice on specifics on what developers would be good to use or how to start and make known a kickstarter. I therefore implore all who have read this far to support the cause of putting this very important game on the App Store, let the game creators know if you wish for the same as I do.... And to those that can help the creators bring this game to ios device, I plead that you do all you can, or at least help.

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Yep, yep

There's about 20 topics relating to this, the main one being here: http://fold.it/portal/node/990587

The main issue is described by Beta as such:

"Thank you for your input, but the main roadblock with iPhones/iPad/iPod Touches is compiling Rosetta on those platforms.

If anyone is able to get Rosetta compiled on any of those, then we can start thinking of getting Foldit working there as well.

Rosetta is free for non-commercial use here: http://www.rosettacommons.org/software/"

It's not simple. Foldit (mainly the Rosetta portion) is a bear, and a giant resource hog. If a quad-core desktop can have issues, I don't think mobile would work very well unless running remotely (which is coming: http://fold.it/portal/node/997110), or you completely re-write the scoring function and/or application to a point where it's extremely dumbed down. The latter could be problematic due to the fact that you loose ability to do many things, and the fact that it would take a nice amount of time to do that.

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plz do it

i neeeeeeeed it i can't it just doesn't work for me i can't download it


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