Record Macro function for recipes?

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Those of us who can't program our way out of a paper bag would still like the ability to develop recipes.

In Microsoft Excel, one can create a set of repeatable actions by simply hitting the "record macro" button, then executing manually the steps one wishes to be repeated, then hitting the "stop recording" button. Those with some knowledge of the programming language can then edit the macro and tweak it how they wish.

What would it take to apply this same concept to LUA scripting? I have many ideas for scripts, but no means to make them happen.

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Exactly what I was thinking but wasn't able to put it into words.

I totally second such a suggestion. It would make our lives way easier too.

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Bumping this thread. I still think it could be of great value to the players.

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Bumping this thread, again.

But I would like to add: in Excel VBA, one can call subroutines to execute a series of macros in sequence. In addition to being able to record our moves to make LUA scripts, as I requested, above, would it be possible to call out the various scripts in a macro of its own?

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Hey Boots, just want to say that I see this suggestion and I'm thinking about possibilities to make it happen. I may not be able to deliver exactly what you're suggesting, but I think the idea of enabling non-programmers to make scripts is a very important one.

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GUI scripting idea was good for non programmers. If there was something like that but selecting recipes in the cookbook, it would be great. But remark that many recipes ask for options in a dialog. The macro should be able either to discard these recipes either to select "ok" as default for the dialogs. Another way is to only allow GUI or Lua v1 recipes to be called (there is no dialog).

Recipes exist trying to play with this idea (where the player can select sub-recipes within the "macro" recipe):

but these are limited to "old" (sub) recipes.

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So... it's been a year. Now that I have seen posts requesting "Meta Scripts", it is time to draw attention back to my own request of recording our own macros.


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