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As now the software packages on devprev and main are the same, why is the memory usage in devprev almost the double of what I see in main. (I was running standard in devprev, but now I a putting all my clients in main). Could this difference have something to do with the frequent crashing I experienced in devprev?

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Changed to bug. It looks like there is a serious memory leak in devprev.

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Thanks for letting us know. Is there something we should delete from our folders after switching to main? Any excess files?

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I don't see any significant difference between devprev and main, they both use a lot of memory. 250-300K of real, and usually over 500MB of virtual.

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On my machine there was a significant difference. About 1.2 Gb on devprev and about 0.5-0.8 on main. This was on 888 but also on other puzzles. Now not using devprev anymore.

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On 897 and 895, some of my clients made it up to 1,777mb

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Please see NickyCGS's post in this feedback:

Hopefully this is the cause of this crazy memory usage!


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