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Hey everyone...

This should probably be in the forum, but many never look at the forum (and I will address that in a feedback in the next couple days!).

Many of you know by now, but I wanted to be sure, that you are all aware that I have pancreatic cancer.

This is terminal, no survival rate at all. The chemo option I've chosen will give me 4 months - a year, but will allow me to hopefully have only mild fatigue and limited ties to the treatment center, so I will be able to have some fun, and enjoy much of the time that I have left.

And yeah, while I am angry that this is happening too early (I'm 63), I mean this - in a way, this is a gift. Few people have the luxury of knowing in advance that they are dying, and fewer still have some quality time to enjoy life a bit (and get their "house" in order) before that happens.

I will still be around and folding, and will still be active in the community, until I can't be anymore. If I evaporate occasionally, it will be Real Life calling me to go have some fun. I will try to let you all know what's going on as I make this journey.

Many of you have figured out by now that to me, the real scientific breakthrough here is our community. What we have here is unique - the first of its kind. We are very intelligent people who manage to cooperate and compete in a delicate balance that makes us strong enough to weather almost anything that is thrown at us. My hope is that with the time I have left, I can contribute to strengthening us a bit more.

I can't even begin to tell you all how lucky I feel to have known you, how wonderful it's been to have met so many of you in person and through the Hangouts. This is an extraordinary place to be, and it's all because of all of you :)

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You've been a wonderful friend both in and outside of foldit. My thoughts and prayers to you in this new journey. And, you are right, the foldit community is truly extraordinary. Hopefully, we all find some joy in whatever time remains for all of us.

Your family and the community have been fortunate to have you around. Other than that, I'm at an absolute loss for the right words my dear friend.

Good Journey...and, let's have a few more laughs in our crazy chat client. ;)

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Hello auntdeen,

I'm quite new in this community and you are one of the famous members I could meat, for exemple when you organized the video conference with other top users, during which I really learned a lot (also meeting your real persons).

Your writing is wonderful and a lesson for all of us. We all will die and nobody can be 100% sure of the date. Hopefully you'll be one of this lucky people escaping the quasi fatality. For the time being, enjoy and be with us as a strong competitor in the game, or as a 'professor' (you are one of my masters, also concerning the community rules and you know I put value in your opinion), or to say us hello.

Je te souhaite tout ce qu'il y a de mieux.


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This is sad news to hear. Though I haven't gotten to know you very well, from the bit I have you have been a great influence. I am so grateful that many members of the community have given me a chance, and you have certainly helped to shape it (the community) as well as my high impressions. I hope to be able to participate more in chat in the coming time, and hopefully be able to talk with you a bit.

My prayers are certainly with you and yours. Hope all goes as well as it can.


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I am very new to foldit, I was super impressed with the Black Belt Folding videos on You Tube. Your wonderful way with people and ability to handle the technical glitches is something I aspire to. You are the reason that I have stuck to and improved my folding skills. You put a human dimension (along with the rest of the Black Belt team) into folding.
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. My thoughts are with you.


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I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all who have responded to this thread, sent PMs to me, and have chatted with me about this.

I've decided not to do chemo... too many side effects that would prevent me from enjoying the time I have left as a trade for a very little (maybe a couple of months) time benefit.

I am trying to get into a clinical trial instead... for me, better to contribute to finding a cure for this, even if I likely won't benefit. For the science!

For anyone who is curious about my journey, I will be posting on My (Foldit player) Page for the next few months.

Have I mentioned how wonderful I think you all are?


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Like we talk on IRC, if it is NOT giving any hope, just possible side effects it is good decision.
Just go for MJ and be happy :D It will not charm, and can help ;]
Good luck, Aunty!


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