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This string can not be translated to pl (and probably others):
"When you think SHAKE has done a good enough job, you can press it again to stop."

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Thanks for posting this together with an image showing the problem.

The issue you identify is a long standing one, namely that there are many places in the game where the English text is displayed instead of the translation. See: 'Untranslatable messages' posted on 18 August 2011 'msgid not replaced by msgstr' posted on 20 May 2013

The problem is one that affects all translations of Foldit (see the image I posted on 17 April 2014 in a comment on the bug report 'Untranslatable messages'). At least part of the problem is that the .pot file being distributed with Foldit isn't up-to-date.

I still hope someone on the Foldit team will recognise the potential of making the game available to speakers of languages other than English and give the issue identified in these three bug reports a high priority.

To those players who have expressed their support, thank you.


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