Too many puzzles ! Limit total number of residues.

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Opened by:Bruno Kestemont
Opened on:Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 18:38
Last modified:Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 07:15


I remember the discussion here:

Since our CPU capacity is linked to the total number of residues, I suggest to limit the number of puzzles to a total of about 300 residues.

That means, for example not more than 3 puzzles > 100 residues, not more than 4 puzzles > 75 residues etc.

Currently, with 4 puzzles of >100 residues, our computers are slow OR we can not run sufficient number of clients to deal with soloists and evos.

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so you're saying that we shouldn't post the new CASP11 target that came out today?


The next CASP target should give you some breathing room:
only 77 residues + a his tag that will be trimmed.

We are trying to keep the total residue count low, this is why the design puzzle is an 80-res monomer... but remember, if it's already too much:
you don't have to play every puzzle. This is one of the reasons we created the Categories during CASP10:

If you decide that CASP11 is all you want to focus on this summer then you can ignore all non-CASP puzzles.
If, on the contrary, CASP starts driving you mad (because I'll be honest with you, the puzzle load will get worse before it gets better as CASP11 progresses) then you can take a break from the CASP puzzles.

We don't want anyone overheating themselves in early May when CASP11 lasts until mid-August... and the World Cup hasn't even kicked in yet! ;-)

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One of the things I noticed while crashing continuasly on 888 (19 so far) is that the memory consumption is sometime huge. 1.4 Gb for one client. Looks like there is something wrong with memory management. And because 6 puzzles together with the standard programs consume about all of 8 Gb also the cpu is doing overtime.

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sorry Bruno, I disagree, we should not be limiting the number of puzzles. CASP only lasts for a couple of months and only happens every two years.
Everyone has to look after their computers and we have discussed that and the protections you can apply; many of us may loose overall rank in the process.

It looks as though some people have set themselves up with several machines and are really keen to go full bore on anything thrown at us, CASP, Ebola you name it; people want to give it a try so don't reduce the fun for them please :D

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ok pple. You convinced me. I close the suggestion.


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