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Groups of any size might benefit from more accessible status information. This information exists on the site, but it requires visits to many different pages to assemble a complete picture. (For example, check the full soloist and full evolver list for each puzzle. Note the highest scores by group members on each. Knowing the group members by name may be a challenge for larger teams.)

The attached image shows a mashup of existing information on the site. All the values shown were collected from actual pages. (The values were collected over the period of a day or so, so are not a snapshot at a point in time.)

The top of the page shows the group name, global rank, and global score. The left side of the page lists the active puzzles, showing the puzzles that expire soonest first.

For each active puzzle, the right side of the page lists the top five scores for the team in either the soloist or evolver competition. The rank (either soloist or evolver), player name, player score, and "soloist" or "evolver" are listed for each top score.

The format shown here should be relatively simple to implement since it follows the format of existing pages closely and uses information that is already available, although not available on a single page.

A page of this type would make it easier for group members to determine where to focus their efforts. For example, on puzzle 865, the top score is for an evolver, followed by three soloist scores. There is probably an opportunity for group members in the evolver competition for this puzzle.

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Yes good idea

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This is what we used buddies for - it worked well. But it is defunct once again. :(

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I agree

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Buddies used to do all this. We used it a lot, and we Gargleblasters are a relatively small team (I think)


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