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Here is a link to the previous round of this puzzle:
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What happens to the points in this one?

Do we get our points, or not?

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No points!

No points, please! Some of us put this puzzle aside for awhile, so we could work on ones expiring sooner. Assigning points when a puzzle is only halfway through its life is unfair, especially since we were given no warning it was expiring early.

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We all put it aside to work

We all put it aside to work on earlier expiring puzzles. It was off and on for me.

But, I agree there shouldn't be any points since they transfer to the new one.

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Starting Scores for Puzzle 890:

I got the following starting scores for each structure/model
(press "Reset Puzzle" to cycle through them):

1 -12415.108
2   1877.700
3 -10772.548
4  -8253.283
5  -6196.105

If you get the same starting scores, please up-vote this comment.
If you get different starting scores, please list them in a new comment.


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This puzzle is not closed!

Puzzle is not closed. Points (zero per player) not assigned. This page still says it's open.

Is it closed, or not?

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It will

" This puzzle will close in the next 24 hours..." and 'points' has been set to 0, so there will be no points awarded.

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Sorry for the confusion.

Indeed this puzzle will have 0 points assigned once it closes.

You can see this at the top of the page:
Name: 890: CASP11 T0759: WeFold Round (CLOSED and reposted as 890b)
Status: Active
Created: 05/10/2014
Points: 0
Expires: 05/13/2014 - 19:00

The only reason I left this one open for 24 hours is previously players mentioned they didn't know a puzzle had been reposted (this is something we should add to the Notifications tab:
I was hoping that 24 hours would be enough time for everyone to notice.

Sorry for the confusion. Of course if a puzzle is reposted midway through, the original closed one should get 0 points assigned (and no categories)!

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