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Would it be possible to make it such that the Tracks Window is automatically opened when you create a new client as occurs for various other windows?
Or perhaps to have an option such that it can be turned on or off?

I am sure that most players will be using tracks all the time so that like me every time they open a new client the first thing that is done is to set up the track window.

The only problem I can see is if in order to do that it would be necessary to fix the position of the window.
I always position it at the top of the screen to the left of the central puzzle information but I am sure that everyone has their own preferences.

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Make it so that all windows that are open when you close a client will be open when you start the next time. Also when saving the position of windows make it so that the big window is also opened in the same size it was and all subwindows are in the same position as they were. (I have a very big screen and windows are never in a handy position)

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New tracks may be a bit overwhelming for new users in the first time interface without some explanatory text.

I agree the first thing I do is set up a new track so I have a clean default, especially so for multi template puzzles.

Maybe (just an idea here) a dialog which asks if you want to set up a new track, with an explanation. That said I like to have a squiz at the new target protein first before I do anything. So I would probably close the auto track dialog for a new puzzle, and then reopen it. So a decision would be required about when the dialog opens.

I find that there is not a lot of consistency in the way clients open and close, I use selection, and yet often find myself in advanced general interface when I open a new client.

Even if it does open in selection the dialog boxes can be anywhere because I run and close several clients, certainly with different screen arrangements depending on what I'm doing.
So yes no probs with being asked if I want to start a new track, but general window arrangements will probably need to be added into the GUI work, because we probably don't want badly placed windows becoming inaccessible when opening a new client, especially if they don't have hot key open close functions.

I'm ok with a 'standard' layout when I start a new client based on a basic screen resolution, it is a 'bit of business' as I start a new puzzle, relaxing even. Visual cue to set your preferred options.

Bit of a pain when there is a lot of crashing though. Ok to have the track dialog open at that point, saves a bit of time getting back to the one that scores, which raises the old request to have the track high score listed next to the track.

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I'm not worried about a dialog for a new track.
Just a hot key to toggle the window open/closed would be great.


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