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I cannot connect to chat. Although the notifications does work.

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chat still not working and I cannot download recipes

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PLEASE HELP. Chat will not work either in main or devprev.
Cannot download recipes. Notifications does work.
Dell Inspiron, intel dual core, 4 gig memory, 500 gig hard drive,

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window 7 64-bit

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I am not using IRC. But I tried resetting the IRC associations, it did not work.

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Just a few things to check, you need to be logged in to the website as well to download recipes.
If you have several clients open only one of them will have chat active.
There should be a button in the chat window saying reconnect, that usually works for me if I have closed the active chat client.

Thanks to datacute for this tip: if you need a recipe in a client which is not connected to chat you can copy the number at the end of the recipe page URL, click the folder icon on the cookbook and paste the number into the dialog box. I don't think this method updates all.macro permanently but it gets you the recipe you need at the time.

Failing all that close all clients and start again, and we know if its window, turn it off and turn it on again.
All the best

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Already did that all. Did not work.
Frood66 suggested leaving Gargleblasters for 24 hours, then join again.
See if that juggles something loose

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If you are disconnected from all clients, open a new client. This will connect and you'll be able to chat.


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