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Hi You All,

I like the Contact Map in puzzle 883, but I also have a few suggestions for it, as below:

(1) Could you add a button that will make the two grey cross-hair lines rotate 45 degrees so that instead of going vertically and horizontally, they go diagonally and anti-diagonally? This will help identify regions of the protein like parallel or anti-parallel beta-sheets, for example. You can keep fixed the point where the two grey cross-hair lines cross. Just rotate by 45 degrees around this fixed point.

(2) Could you add a button that will make the two grey cross-hair lines stay in place, even if you move the cursor off the Contact Map? I keep wanting to type the Weights for certain positions into a Notepad file, but when I move the cursor off the Contact Map, the cross-hairs, contact coordinates, and Weight all disappear.

(3) It is strange that if you start from the bottom at the contact point 51,1 and move the grey cross-hair lines straight up through the contact point 51,51 and then across the diagonal, you eventually reach the contact point 101,51 at the top instead of 51,101. It is even possible to reach the contact point 102,51 at the top of 883's Contact Map even though the puzzle only has 101 residues.

(4) I have noticed that using the bar at the bottom of the Contact Map, I can expand the Contact Map so far that I can no longer see the bar at the bottom. At that point, there seems to be no way to shrink the Contact Map back to its original size.


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