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884: 74 Residue Ebola Binder Design
Status: Closed


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Core exists filter

Core exists filter appears to be taking into account residues from the ebola protein. The highest I was able to get it to with my current design was -480.

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is it just me or is this kind

is it just me or is this kind of slow and stiff

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2 dumb questions

The 104 - 106 segments - do we need to keep away from them because there is actually something there?

Seg 1 - serine - is that going to be connected to something else so needs room to do that?

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Score issues

1. The ebola part of the score is so negative that normal scoring and seeing how far pointswise you are on the scoring ladder is not possible as long as the total score is negative.
This should be corrected.
2. The filters should only work on the design part of the puzzle, not on the Ebola part. (would probably also speed up the puzzle).
3. As a consequence of 1 scripts that cant cope with negative scores or change behavior depending on the score don't work correctly.
(TIP for my DRW users: use More options and disable skip fuze and replace qstab)

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Puzzle closed

This puzzle has been closed and reposted with relaxed requirements for the Core Exists filter and raised baseline score:


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