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I would like to suggest another Evolver alternative.

Make it possible for a player to participate in their Group evolver process without paying the Soloist penalty of getting 0 or 1 point for simply opening the puzzle to get to the evolver solutions.

Those of us with older or slower machines cannot always spend the time to work up an acceptable solo solution before switching over to Evolver mode to help the Group work up the team solution.

This would take the form of opening a puzzle in either Evolver or Soloist mode the first time a player opens the puzzle. If the puzzle is not opened in Soloist mode, it shopuld not be included in the puzzles used to determine solo rankings.

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Yes I completely agree. Ressources are limited, and one may prefer to concentrate on evolution in order to help the group/science. (+1)

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The category scores are your best 8 out of the last 10 puzzles in the category, regardless whether you played them or not. They are not 8 of the last 10 puzzles you actually played. So eliminating the 1 point for opening a solo means the puzzle will count 0 toward your category score instead of 1. There are plenty of puzzles I never open, and as long as those puzzles are in the last 10 for a category, I get 0 points for them in that category - I don't get to keep counting an older puzzle that I did play that has aged out of the 10 most recent.

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Categeory overall is your best 40 from only the last 50 puzzles, the old scoreboard counts all puzzles in a roughly four month window.

Maybe a master soloist ladder, where all puzzles since the start are counted, but only points from top 15-20 ranks are included. This could be annual, so it would show the best players from each year.

As one of the six year players in our group said recently: the puzzles are harder, more people with bioscience knowledge are playing and the computers have to work harder.
Some people are able to spend a lot of time on foldit and have good machines, that is another advantage not available to many.

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As Susume has said, opening a puzzle cannot actually hurt you in either the old style leaderboard or the Category leaderboards. Those puzzles will still be included on both leaderboards as if you had 0 points instead of 1.


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