Crash when deleting end segment

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Opened on:Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 02:41
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Repeatable program crash when deleting lowest-numbered unlocked segment on puzzle 879 Ebola. Shared with scientists "879 delete seg 186 to crash." 186 is the beginning end of the little protein; if I choose delete on this segment the program crashes. Happens whether the seg is cysteine (with bridge) or serine (no bridge). I have previously deleted 3 residues from that part of the protein and stuck them on the other end. In a reset puzzle I have no trouble deleting 4 residues, one at a time, at 186. Win 7 64 devprev. There are no error messages after the crash in the log.txt.

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Changing to crash/bug.

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Thanks for the feedback Susume, reproduced and forwarded the issue to the developers.

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With the new update I crash continually. I'm on win7 and run multiple clients. Sometimes I can actually run a script for a few minutes before crashing. The majority of the time I crash upon opening when trying to go to tracks. I've tested it on multiple clients and multiple puzzles, and multiple scripts when it does let me run.

I'm going to take the code from an unupdated client and revert my updated clients back to the previous state.

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This bug (deleting ebola segment) still exists in the latest devprev.


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