Lua. Timeouts on Mutate Shake and Wiggle commands e.g -> structure.MutateSidechainsAll ( 3 iter, 120 sec )

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I have had many scripts held up because of "wiggle lock", especially on mutates and shakes, where the process is stuck spinning circles on iteration 1, it sits there for hours on iteration 1 until I spot it and stop it manually.

This seems a glitch but isn't much of an issue when playing manually. But when scripting it is a massive problem. But I think it's easily solved by a timeout value. If we can simply specify a number of seconds to run, these stuck processes can be terminated if they run too long. This not only helps the stuck situation but also situations where a wiggle is simply taking too long to get through all its iterations.

For example

structure.MutateSidechainsAll ( 3 , 120 )
structure.MutateSidechainsAll ( 3 iterations or 120 seconds, whichever comes first )

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That is the plan planned, actually. It sounded like that would've come out after all the main New Chapter issues were dealt with... Unless there's still some stuff they're finishing up on one or both..

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Is there any further update on whether this functionality will be available?

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I have 'never' seen this behavior running any of my scripts. I am on PC, windows 10.


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