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at least for ubuntu 13.01 and some other versions, i think it would be very helpful for users new to ubuntu linux if you were to change the readme file, or at least the on-site instructions. there was no mention that libglut3 was required to run Foldit. "sudo apt-get intstall libglut3" will not work for some reason, but here's a link that will allow it to be downloaded from the software center.

i just love this game, and it was really frustrating when i switched from windows7 to ubuntu 13.01 and it took me days to figure out how to install it (i had a baby and haven't played for almost a year). i just thought that a quick edit to the readme file might save others from going through all that.

thank you for your time,
brecca cotruvo
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I'm running Foldit on Kubuntu 14.04 (which runs in a VMware) and i had to install "freeglut3"-package to get it working.
This should devinitely be mentioned in the README, as the application just doesn't start and you have to find out by yourself what libraries/packages are missing and where to get them.

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I was trying to run Foldit on a machine that I recently re-purposed with Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS. So, I only had the basic stuff installed. Foldit did not run until I installed freeglut3 (after seeing your post). That was the only change I made to the system, so I'd say that was the fix. Thank you. Your documentation suggestion is very appropriate to include. I think there is another post with the same/similar problem.

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Very important to add this instruction to the README file !

It's added to the Wiki here:
and to the Forum here:


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