SSL Connect Error: Error Contacting Server

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When clicking the play online button I get an error saying SSL Connect Error: Error Contacting Server. Is there anything I can do besides re downloading the game? I had to do that before and lost all my recipes and saves.


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We are working on resolving this ASAP.

Thank you for your patience!

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thank you very much

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Currently having same problem trying to open new clients

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Can you extend the open puzzles an extra day to compensate for this problem?

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Loosing recipes is not needed. Make a copy of the all.macro file (and if you wish also the options.txt file) from the Foldit directory in another place. After reinstalling the game copy those files in the new Foldit directory after closing the game. That way you can keep all your recipes (and settings).
This is also described in the wiki.

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hee is the log if that can help the devs.

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I am still having this problem, even after re-installing the game and resetting my password.
I get the error message, "SSL connect error: Error contacting server." every time I try to log in.
Is this still a problem for anyone else, or is it just me?

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I'm having the same problem suddenly today.

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Something like this happened before and there is not need to reinstal it is not going to fix the problem

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what should I do?

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Just try again, people in chat are not reporting problems at the moment.

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I am reporting problems. I can't call up a client. Getting the "SSL connect error: Error contacting server." message.

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I am also still having problems. Is this being worked on?

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An updated Windows client has been posted to the site. The latest update had a fix for the SSL error but clients were failing to update due to the new SSL certificate.

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The new install worked.

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I keep getting the "SSL connect error: Error contacting server." message
I have redownloaded it several times, and I am still getting this message


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re-opening this so it will show up in the list

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Is is possible to move the foldit web server to another machine at the University of Washington when the real foldit web server is down for an extended time?

When the foldit web server was down, I could still get access to the Baker Lab web site and the Computer Game Science web sites at U of W.

You could have full feature foldit there or just a web site that put up a message that said the foldit web site is down because of a power outage.

The wind storm in the Seattle was on CBS TV national news one night.

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We are investigating options to minimize our downtime, but appreciate the suggestion.

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I have this problem with "Error contacting server", too. Has anyone find a solution to this problem after all this years? Would be great! :)


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