LUA Functions for the new "Idealize SS" tool

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The new idealize secondary structure tool is great. But I notice there's no listed lua function for it yet

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There is a function listed void structure.IdealizeSelected() but this appears to be non functional - is that the case?

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It SHOULD be working.

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structure.IdealizeSelected() does indeed work. There's no Lua function for IdealizeSS as yet I believe.

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I was expecting structure.IdealizeSelected() to act like the ideal SS tool - my mistake. We badly need a lua function to do that, I agree entirely.

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I think lower priority. Idealize means Idealize backbone scores (to near 0) not Idealize SS (set to exact values, which are actually not correct anyways).

I'm surprised people would want this in Lua. Maybe because the Tweak Lua Functions are missing. But I don't see this as being useful except at the very beginning of a denovo. If people are requesting this, maybe they have decided differently.

But remember, the idealize SS isn't really the best structure. What is the first thing a helix does after you use idealise SS? It unwinds. It ALWAYS unwinds. Idealize SS for helices is too tight. So, I'm not sure what you hope to gain by using idealize SS later in the game.

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I want idealize SS so that I can randomly insert parts of a helix or sheet into a denovo and see what effect that has. I don't care if it is ideal or not, only that it forms a helix or sheet easily. I mainly want it for early in the puzzles as I believe the final form of a puzzle is set early.

Besides, if foldit has the capability as a tool, it is probable extremely simple to add that functionality in Lua, so why not?

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It would be useful for recipes like:

It's for begin game, or even mid game if we want to try some new partial SS on a bad zone.

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It also would give us a type of rebuild that is different from rebuild.

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Been waiting for this to appear. Kind of surprised it hasn't. Been working on a script which takes a bound protein from a RAMA map and rebuilds to accommodate. The idealize SS would be far superior as idealize doesn't even straighten out a helix that has become stretched or folded around other segments. It simply makes what is the best twists it can where it already lays instead of hard placing a section in the 'proper' orientation to resemble its idealized shape. It's idealize my comfort not my posture; two fundamentally different things. In then end, if your posture is wrong, your comfort will fade.


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