Puzzle 871 Contact color does not match distance

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Shared with scientists: "871 contact wrong color".

To reproduce: In contact map, click the contact between seg 27 and seg 49 (a dark blue one) so it shows up in the protein. Contact is red. Disable cut bands. Rebuild segs 27-28 until seg 27 gets to the end of the rubber band I placed. Contact 27-49 is still red, even though distance is very short. Cut seg 27. Contact turns green, even though it is same length. Click back through the undo graph until before that first rebuild. The contact stays green even though the distance is now great, and the contact was red in this same position before. It seems to me the color of the contact should consistently correspond to the distance between the two segments.

The scores are the same when the contact is red as when it is green in the same position.

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Puzzle comments include an explanation of why green vs. red is not such a big deal on this puzzle (since you get credit in the score for being close regardless what color is displayed): http://fold.it/portal/node/997418

I still think having an accurate display is important for choosing where to invest more work, and knowing when you have gotten the segments close enough to get some score bonus.

If the closer-is-better score bonus is going to continue to be used, maybe the binary red-green color of the contact bands could be replaced with a red-thru-green continuum showing when the contact is better/worse.

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Feedback in the game and in this forum are two essentials for me, so yes to Susume comment.

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For this particular puzzle 871b, the multiplier is set to 1.

-"in this puzzle, satisfied contacts contribute directly to the Stability score"

Does it mean that there is some kind of bonus in the score (reference?) if contacts are green?
Or the is the contact map only a guide with no more reward regardless distance? (thus, stability in another configuration would reward equally)?

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Contacts are still contributing to your score, but the color of the contact is not related to the score.

Your score will increase as two contacts become closer together, but this is not visible in any of the per-residue subscores. If a contact is green, then you are likely getting some points for that contact, but maybe not all of them. Inversely, a red contact might be close enough to score a few contact points, even though it isn't close enough to turn the contact green.


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