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871: De-novo Freestyle 36: Predicted Contacts
Status: Closed


Name: 871: De-novo Freestyle 36: Predicted Contacts
Status: Closed
Created: 04/04/2014
Points: 0
Expired: 04/12/2014 - 23:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Description: This is a follow-up puzzle for Puzzles 864 and 868, now with Predicted Contacts to help guide your folding. You can see the predicted contacts for this protein by clicking the Contact Map button in the Main menu (Selection Interface) or in the Actions tab (Classic Interface). You will notice that different contacts are shown in different shades of blue, with darker blue contacts indicating stronger predictions. Please ignore the contact multiplier in this puzzle, which should remain at 1.00 for all folded solutions; in this puzzle, satisfied contacts contribute directly to the Stability score. Note that for this puzzle, you will NOT be able to load in your manual saves from previous rounds.
Categories: Overall, Prediction

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Previous saves

It was possible to load in my previous saves, although I was not supposed to be able to...

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I could do this too.

I could do this too.

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As can I

I can do this too.

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I can, but not the one I want

I can, but not the one I want

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Sorry everyone, there was an error in this original puzzle that allowed loading of previous solutions. This puzzle has been closed and reposted: http://fold.it/portal/node/997418

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