Heat problem, overview, some conclusions, suggestions and more questions

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Here is what I have learned from the answers and discussions I have seen in chat and feedback.

First of all, it seems clear that Foldit has increased the usage of the CPU (GPU?) by some 20-40%.
This gives some machines problems with the heat management, but form the reactions I have seen so far that is with less than half the machines.

Possible solutions suggested for people having the heat problem:
- On windows there are ways to manage the power consumption and as a consequence also the heat management.
If you have heat problems you might experiment with those settings, so that you can run more clients at the cost of speed. (Configuration, System, Energymanagement)
- Then on the internet are some general suggestions what you can do: http://www.laptopmag.com/advice/tips/11-ways-to-fix-your-laptop.aspx?page=2
- Also you might check if in the options.txt file the option update_while_minimized is still 0. (If you have not changed this yourself in the past ignore this, it is default 0)

Some have suggested that the cache size might be of influence. From the collected data I can't conclude either way.

In a reply to this message I will give a table with the results so far.
Questions for the people who have responded so far:
1) what graphics cart do you have (with specs) (If you have already given that info, it will be added later)
2) How many clients could you run about a year ago, and how many now

Pls reply using chat (check if I am there). I am able to edit the reply post where I will put the raw results in. Comming weekend I will be a lot online.

Tx to everybody who has contributed and if more data is available it is welcome.

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The raw data I have collected. (The benchmark number is from the cpu benchmark site)

Because in feedback all alignment are corrupted the raw data is in the picture.

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I ran up the same test I did when I set up the old beast, I don't have pictures of seven clients running from the earlier test but they were certainly not loading at 100%. As there is no graphics card the CPU also has to do that so 7 clients was considered to be a reasonable load at 60-70% each.
The pic hopefully shows the difference between all seven open running a script and exactly the same just with the windows minimised. I still wouldn't run 7 clients now for any length of time. There is 32GB of RAM available.

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They are all running the 864 denovo puzzle with only 80 segments but working fairly fast :(


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